Sodium hyaluronate

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  • EasyLuron

    EasyLuron is a modern viscoelastic solution based on biofermented sodium hyaluronate for intraocular use.

    We offer a broad portfolio with different concentrations for surgeons preferences.

  • KD intra-articular gel

    The KD intra-articular gel range is a series of high-quality viscoelastic solutions based on bio-fermented sodium hyaluronate to provide intra-articular supplementation of the synovial fluid in various human joints. The role of synovial fluid is to lubricate and moisten joints as well as to protect bones and joint tissue. Viscoelastic solutions are proven to support this function. Depending on the application, concentrations between 1.0% and 2.5% and injection fill quantities of 1.0 ml to 4.8 ml mean that KD intra-articular gel can offer the right product for customised treatment.

  • Pe-Ha-Luron® F

    Pe-Ha-Luron® F is a high-quality viscoelastic substance based on bio-fermented sodium hyaluronate for intraocular application. As an essential excipient for ophthalmological procedures, the product ensures that the anterior chamber remains stable during the procedure and the surrounding tissue is protected. To ensure that the correct concentration is available for each individual surgical technique, we offer Pe-Ha-Luron® F in five different concentrations.